Thrillbillies Episode List

Thrillbillies is a prevalent new activity pressed experience parody demonstrate that is made by similar individuals that brought you “Nitro Circus”. The show pursues a couple of men that are self-declared “Thrillbillies” or basically hillbillies that perform adrenaline-directing tricks for your amusement. The gathering is contained competitors and stand-ins that test their fortunes and in addition the laws of material science on tricks that make you shiver.

The Stunts

The principle characters on the show are Cam, Crum and Travis. A portion of their exercises include mechanized pull o-war with autos, in their clothing, tearing separated every vehicle till there is one vehicle standing. They additionally dispatch snowmobiles in a lake, attempting to get the vehicle to skim along the highest point of the water at high speeds. Like the previous Jackass group, the Thrillbillies make a large portion of their coin doing off the divider stunts that consistently put their lives in danger. Their aphorism is, “The wrong method for accomplishing something is frequently more fun”. One of their more essential hillbilly minutes was chasing for chickens at their nearby farm.

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Current Episode List

01. Chicken Hunt – Refus and Pops chase chickens at the farm and they wind up getting propelled off a smaller than expected slope. Amid this scene, they likewise take an angling trip and the watercraft gets whipped while they are ready.

02. Two For One – The young men go skiing this scene, exploiting a two for one ski pass and furthermore doing some skim boarding on mud. Pat is given a major test, as he is requested to pull out all the stops or go home off a substantial slope on his bicycle.

03. Philanthropy Work – Despite the name, the My Special Tatay Scene is definitely not, as Crum rides his snowmobile into a lake and Refus and Shrimpy endeavor to spare him. Amid the quad wars rivalry, Whitney has an extreme test in front of her. Cam attempts his aptitudes out on a beast truck.

04. Attempt Outs – As the name proposes another individual from the pack is put under a magnifying glass to check whether he can play out the team’s frequently stunts decisively. Derek and Dusty handle some enormous moto free-form seize the small swimming gap.

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05. Pat Ebonics – Cam demolishes his latrine in an accident and another game is made when BMXing is joined with barrel bull riding. Praise instructs the young men the laws of ebonics.

06. The Jackhammer – This scene includes the amusement, “Split the Egg”. Crum and Cam take in the nuts and bolts of kite flying and Zach ends up lost amid wakeboarding.

07. Executive Meeting – An executive gathering is called to survey the condition of the “Thrillbilly” association. Cam takes his go-truck for a go in a skate stop and Dusty propels himself with huge tricks on a little bicycle.

08. Speed Dating – Refus places Pop in the fire amid speed dating and the group takes a show at reverse somersaulting bikes.