TEST of Bury Me, My Love: A really Serious Game

In the vein of textual adventures for smart phones at the Lifeline, Bury Me, My Love tells us the day-to-day detail of Noun’s journey to Western Europe, a migrant fleeing Syria who communicates via instant messaging with her husband, Majd, stayed in the country. You’ll understand, this is a serious game very, very serious.

TEST of Bury Me, My Love A really Serious Game

Beyond the serious subject he is dealing with, Bury Me, My Love is inspired by the true story of two migrants from the city of Homs, already told in the form of WhatsApp conversations in an article in Le Monde , published two years ago (which can still be consulted here ). After having obtained the blessing of the author of the original article, the developers of The Pixel Hunt , regulars of Serious Game, started this textual adventure taking again the principle of the paper but by adding an interactive layer and integrating Modern communication codes, with smileys, selfies and other photos sent to illustrate the conversations and the comments that are made.

Seriously catchy

If the journey of Nour is also taking, it is undoubtedly thanks to a careful, fair and very realistic writing that facilitates immersion. The dialogues between the two young protagonists are sometimes light, with scenes of slices of life all simple and sometimes funny which come to divert the attention of the gravity of the moment, sometimes loaded with the weight of the conflict that Nour flees. It is an adventure finally very dignified, which does not give in the exacerbated pathos, while highlighting well the difficulties and the extreme situations which the migrants face.

Although this is a purely narrative game for mobiles, the process is far from straight. There is a multitude of possible scenario branches following the decisions that will be made by Nour (consecutive to your advice or not). The developers tell us about 19 possible endings , ranging from happy end to absolute drama.

However, we can reproach to have to resume the adventure on the first day in case of failure, which in the long run of the various tests is quite painful given that we end up knowing the beginning and its various branches by heart without can abbreviate them. A cover on the last day, similar to what Lifeline games do , would have been nice. Despite this, we can only welcome the approach of developers who managed to keep a playful and catchy in a game whose subject so difficult did not necessarily lend to it, while retaining much of the teaching that helps to understand the migration crisis. Now If you want to download this PC game or such PC games, then you need to visit fully PC games to download it. FullyPCGamess is all about PC games free download full version for Windows 8, 

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