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Cracking tools are a special type of risk software. Riskware is usually an acknowledgment of items that are not strictly malicious, but pose a risk to the user. The use of keygens may have legal consequences in certain countries and under certain circumstances.

Keygens are often found on shady sites.
If users want to keep this program and exclude it from detection during subsequent scans, they can add the program to the exclusion list. Here’s how it’s done.

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The Exclusions tab contains a list of items excluded from analyzes. Items can include files, folders, websites, or applications that connect to the Internet, as well as exploits already detected.

To access exclusions in Malwarebytes keygen

In the left pane, click the Settings tab. Click the Exclusions tab.
Click the Add Add-in button.
Select the exclusion type Exclude a file or folder and use the Browse button to select the main folder of the software you want to keep.
Repeat for each secondary folder belonging to the software.
If you want to allow the program

Malwarebytes license key connect to the Internet, for example, to check for updates, add an Exclude exclusion  application that connects to the Internet and use the Browse button to select the file. for which you want to grant access.