Hotels by the hour in Dubai

Sometimes flexibility is king and having the chance to grab yourself a hotel by the hour in Dubai has been something that, until now, has been impossible to achieve.  Hotels by the hour can be handy when you’re out on a Ladies Night in Dubai and just need somewhere to crash for a while or if you’re on a long connection and have some time to spend in Dubai before heading onto the next leg of your journey.  Of course, a hotel by the hour is also useful when you want the flexibility of extending your stay by a few hours when you need it (before a flight, for example).

Flexible Vacations in Dubai

Honestly, we’ve been waiting for this for a long time.  Sometimes it’s just so much easier and more convenient to be able to grab yourself a hotel by the hour instead of by the day, and it can work out so much more cost effective to grab a few hours here and there at a hotel without having to pay for a whole day at a hotel.  Saving you cash and giving you the flexibility to make your bookings as easy as possible by booking hotels per hour could be the thing that makes your holiday in Dubai truly amazing.

This brand new app gives you the opportunity to book your hotel per hour, which means you have full control over the amount you’re paying for the hotel.  No longer will you be forced into paying for a hotel room for a whole day when you just need it for a few hours, you can utilise this app for more than 60 hotels in Dubai and a few in Abu Dhabi.

The app is called ByHours and is available for Android and iOS.