Make your Girlfriend Love You

Have you ever been in a relationship where you are not sure what the other person feels about you? One of the things you have to know about happy relationships is that they always have to move forward. Winning and maintaining the love of your partner requires a lot of work; however, it is possible with the help of much attention and effort on your part.

Communicate better

Never stop talking. Psychologists say that effective communication is one of the key factors in successful relationships. Keep communicating and strive to speak. This does not mean that you can never stop or enjoy a moment of silence; on the contrary, you should take it in a more metaphorical way.

  • If you know how to communicate and know the right things to talk to your girlfriend, your relationship will become a better romance and she will fall in love more with you.
  • There may be times when you feel you have nothing more to say; however, if you want to maintain that spark, there are many ways to keep the channels of communication fluid beyond saying “Pass me salt, please”.

Talk about your future Talk about your life, the things you want to do, your goals, future aspirations and the like. Do you see yourself in college or high school in the future? What kind of work do you think you have? These are possible topics of conversation on happy Valentine’s Day.

  • Women usually like men who have a vision for their future and who strive to achieve it.

Talk about her Talk about your interests, your friends and your family. Ask him about his friends, his family and their lives and have long conversations about how he likes to spend his days. Which are your hobbies? What things do you like and do not like?

  • Talk about the everyday things that interest you, whether it’s shopping, cooking, listening to music or blogging. Your girlfriend will feel special since you will be willing to stop and listen to her. Many women find it annoying when men only talk about themselves
  • Talking about your girlfriend’s interests will help her see that you are genuinely interested in knowing everything about her and her life. You will also show him that you intend to stay for a while.
  • Be authentic. Do not pretend interest in something as that could be counterproductive and end up hurting your feelings.
  • You might realize that they share common pastimes, therefore, that will unite them more closely. So, when you meet your friends or relatives, you’ll already have many conversation initiators with whom you can impress them!

Play the questions and answers. Social psychology researchers have found that asking questions in a mutual way almost always makes two people feel better about each other and want to see each other again.

  • The five main questions to ask are: 1) If you could choose any person in the world, who would you like to dine with? 2) Would you like to be famous? 3) Before making a phone call, do you rehearse what you are going to say? Why? 4) What would be a perfect day for you ?; and 5) When was the last time you sang for yourself or for someone else?
  • Each one must take turns answering a question and doing it in order.

Talk about your beliefs. We all have our own individual views about life, but we often keep them. By inviting her to open up on the important issues of life, you will understand more about who she is in her essence and her value system.

  • Ask her if she goes to church or how she was raised. Ask him if he intends to maintain the beliefs and traditions of his family.
  • Addressing the important things will show you that you are committed and that you can also be serious and fun.

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Talk about your childhood and your past. Memories of childhood are always fun topics to talk and listen to, especially if they involve something shameful or hilarious. Talk about your first crush or about a time when you did something silly. Then have her tell all her stories.

  • Both will benefit from knowing more about each other’s stories. You will laugh and have a better idea of ​​how the other person came to be who they are today.
  • Talking about even painful, embarrassing or hurtful past memories will also show you that you trust her enough to tell her the worst stories, besides the fun With luck you will show your confidence in you by also revealing your past experiences.

Praise your girlfriend and be romantic. Praise your girlfriend for her dress or thank her for something special she did for you.

  • Authentic compliments can lead to better romance and more romantic conversations as they let you know what you think is special and that you feel lucky to be with her.
  • Do not just praise his appearance. Your personality is really what you love, so let him know how fun, smart and smart he is.

Talk about world events. Show him that you are well informed and that you are a committed civic actor. She will respect you for worrying about the world around you.

  • You will also learn a lot about her and her political views. You can start checking your compatibility.

Talk about your life for a day. In general, women end up talking more about their days while men just listen. However, men can also talk! Be open and tell her about all the little things you did that day, whether at school, at work or at home. This will keep them engaged in both of each other’s daily lives, which is (being honest) not the most exciting, but something very important. It is the everyday things that keep them connected. This is the reason why long-distance relationships are so challenging.

Talk about your fears Girls love boys who can open up and be frank about their fears. You can tell your girlfriend about the great things that scare you (for example, get to say “I love you” or get married someday) and also about your other everyday fears (for example, spiders, height or your own spice) ).

  • By talking about what scares you, you will make your girlfriend feel closer to you because you will be revealing your vulnerable side. If something bothers you or if you are angry, talk about it with your girlfriend. She will be interested and will probably offer you her support.

Be honest. Tell him how you feel, regardless of whether it is something good or bad. You can do wonders if you tell him what you think and feel and then listen with an open mind.