United States Independence Day

The founders of the United States knew that independence was something to celebrate. And even as the Independence Day celebrations in the United States have evolved over time, the Fourth of July festivities remain an important part of American life.

But Independence Day should not have been on July 4. In the spring of 1775, after more than a decade of turmoil against English policies and the first battles of the War of Independence and 4th of July images free 2018, the 13 American colonies sent representatives to the first Continental Congress held in Philadelphia. After much debate about cutting ties with Britain, the representatives voted unanimously for independence on July 2, 1776.

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The next day, in a letter to his wife, the Massachusetts representative John Adams said that the date “should be solemn with pomp and parades, with demonstrations, games, sports, rifles, bells, bonfires and illuminations from one end to the other. This Continent from now on and forever and ever. ”

Many of the representatives who attended the Continental Congress were concerned that the vote for independence was not enough; they wanted to explain their decision to the world. So two days after his important vote, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence and sent copies to the whole country in the making. The declaration had the date of Independence Day July 4, which the new nation adopted as Independence Day of USA 2018.

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Adams was right about how the American people would celebrate it. Even as the new country struggled to make independence a reality, on July 4 it was quickly characterized by parades, concerts, meals and fireworks. The 1777 celebration in Philadelphia included music from a band of Hesse soldiers, German mercenaries fighting for Britain and who had been taken prisoner the previous winter.

The parades to celebrate Independence Day began as military presentations but quickly became democratic interactions. The 1788 parade in Philadelphia was more than a mile long, with horse-drawn carriages and workers of all kinds parading in disguise.

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