Peeling skin around the nails: Causes and Treatments

Peeling Skin On Fingers Near Nails

Hands must endure a lot of irritating situations and substances every day. Skin flaking around the nails and the formation of dry skin on and around the nails or scraggly cuticles similar to rough fingers can become a big problem if the harmful bacteria enter through the cracked skin. That is why it is important to be careful that the surface of the skin.We will share causes of Peeling Skin On Fingers Near Nails.
5 causes and the corresponding treatments of peeling skin around the nails
Stripping nails around the skin can result from a number of reasons. It can be due to an infection, frequent hand washing without using a good moisturizer, or due to a serious internal disease. It is difficult to diagnose what the problem is without knowledge of the clinical history or to know the detailed description of the skin situation. The following are five probable causes and the corresponding treatment.
1 allergic reactions
The different types of allergens can cause a severe reaction of the skin. Exposure to nail polish, use soapy water too, is allergic to nickel and latex or irritation caused by solvents and detergents can cause the nail layer.treatments: It is best to stay away from all potential allergens for a period of 3 to 4 weeks and see if something improves.
2 bad habit
A nervous tic can be the source of the report of the badness of your cuticles and nails. Picking or biting cuticles and nails can cause damage to them and could even lead to skin infection. Damaged or damaged skin can also be caused if stepparents are torn off instead of cutting the bottom smoothly with a sterile tool.Treatments: A simple solution to this problem is to stop picking or biting cuticles or nails. It may take several days to get rid of bad habits, please be patient.
3 The lack of minerals
People believe that the vitamin or calcium deficiency could be the reason for the peeling of the skin around the nails. In fact, the deficiency of these minerals causes dryness of the skin directly, which is more likely to flake and shell the grief in the end.Treatments: It is important to ensure a balanced diet that offers the right amount of dietary fiber, healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and proteins.
4 skin diseases
Flaking of the skin around the nails can be caused by skin diseases as well. Psoriasis, eczema and dyshidrosis are some of the most common diseases that can cause this problem.
?? Eczema: Inflammation of the skin that results in dry, irritated skin. It is also known as atopic dermatitis.
?? Psoriasis: A common skin disease that targets the life cycle of skin cells. Psoriasis patients suffer from the rapid accumulation of cells on the surface of the skin, which leads to the formation of silvery scales and thick red plates.
Dyshidrosis: Dyshidrosis, also known as pympholyx or dyshidrotic, is an unusual skin problem in which the small liquid-filled blisters on the sides of the fingers and palms, which can also lead to flaking of the skin around the nail .
Treatments: For people suffering from a skin disease, it is important to consult a doctor immediately. The doctor will evaluate the condition, diagnose the disease and then provide treatment for it.

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5 infection
The low-level chronic infection that is usually caused by yeast moisture can lead to peeling of the skin around the cuticle.Treatments: In this condition, you will have to take antibiotics. The signs and symptoms of the infection would improve after 3 days of treatment. If the infection gets worse instead of getting better and fever grows, it is important to call your doctor immediately.
5 home remedies for the skin around the peeling nails
Making use of home remedies to treat the peeling of the skin around the nails is an effective method to solve this problem. All these remedies are easy to implement and can provide quick results.
1 Hot water
Rinse your hands in hot water for at least 10 minutes or more each day. This will make the skin skin soft and dry when falling.
Note: Add lemon juice and honey in hot water before rinsing your hands. Once your hands are washed, dry your hands and apply vitamin E oil, olive oil or a good moisturizer on them to maintain the moisture level.
2 cucumber
Cut thick slices of fresh cucumber and rub gently over the affected part of the skin so that the juice is absorbed by the skin. Wash the skin where they had applied grated cucumber with warm water and repeat this exercise every day.Note: You can also apply grated cucumber from the skin that causes problems, about half an hour a day.
3 Aloe Vera
Make use of pure aloe vera gel that has both soothing and cooling. Take the succulent leaf gel from the Aloe Vera plant. Rub this gel on the affected area of the skin several times a day.Note: Drinking two tablespoons aloe vera juice on a daily basis is a great way to prevent peeling skin around the nails.
4 honey
Apply a small amount of pure honey to the affected area of the skin and keep it there for approximately 10 to 20 minutes before washing with warm water.Note: You can also add the honey in the olive oil and make a mixture. Apply this mixture on the skin on a daily basis to keep the skin soft and supple. Or use a mixture of sandalwood, water and rose honey . Apply on the affected area and leave it there for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and soap.
5 Olive oil
Heat half a cup of extra virgin olive oil in the microwave. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil in the olive oil. And then rinse the fingers for about 10 minutes in hot oil. At the end, gently wash your hands with warm water and apply a moisturizer after drying your hands.

Usages of Opiates ( Morphine )

Opiates are a collective name for drugs made from opium. They have a relaxing effect on the nervous system, dull the sensation of pain. Opium-raw is dried milky juice, which is obtained from unripe poppy heads – the fruits of the plant poppy seed (Papaver somniferum).

The Greek word opion just means “milky juice”. A quarter of the weight of raw opium is made up of alkaloids – about twenty substances that have a definite effect on the human body. Among them, the most important are morphine and codeine. The remaining three parts of the weight are water, rubber, fats, waxes, oils, proteins, sugars, mineral and organic salts. In many countries, opium has been used in folk medicine as an anesthetic, sedative and hypnotic, as a remedy for cough and diarrhea. Various derivatives of raw opium – for example, smoking opium, morphine and semi-synthetic heroin – are also used as intoxicants. These substances form a dependence in a person and are therefore classified as drugs.

Some products derived from opium

Opium – that is, dried milky juice, raw opium – about ten percent consists of a morphine drug. Opium can be used as a drug already in its natural form or purified (after crushing, dissolving in water, evaporation and filtration). This is the so-called smoking opium – a black oily mass with the same specific taste and smell as raw opium. Opium is very common among the population of those countries where opium poppy grows. Opium is smoked in special tubes, swallowed, drunk or injected intravenously. Opium is used as an intoxicant, and poor peasants use it as a medicine.

After flowering, gray-green poppy heads are formed, containing whitish milky juice.


Buy Morphine Online base. From crude raw opium extract, morphine-base, from which, by purification, you can get morphine and heroin. It is a white or yellowish crystalline powder, which often darkens during storage and acquires a dark brown color. Morphine content in it is very high and can reach 60-90 percent. To inject intravenously this powder, which does not dissolve in water, addicts dilute it with acid and heat it.

Heroin is a chemical substance derived from opium poppy. This beautiful, blood-colored flower grows usually in hot and dry climates (it is also violet, white). Rejuvenate – poppy, which remains after the petals fall, – contains syrup – white treacle, which is collected by those who grow opium poppies. When molasses dries, it turns into a brown mass, which we call raw opium.

From opium, pharmacists receive a large number of conventional drugs. Many of them are officially used in medicine. The most common derivatives of morphine and codeine, which are used as analgesics. It is interesting that heroin is synthesized in fact from the waste (residue) produced by these drugs. There are many other norcos that are used as medicine. ( )

How did heroin appear?

Morphine, discovered in 1803, in the XIX century was widely distributed as an anesthetic drug. Quite quickly, doctors, especially the military, were confronted with the dependence on morphine among the wounded soldiers who were treated for them. In the era of the Civil War in the United States, morphine was even called a “soldier’s medicine.” In 1874, the famous British chemist Alder Wright received a new chemical from the production of morphine, diacetylmorphine, in order to help patients who constantly use morphine as an anesthetic drug, gradually get out of it. But Wright’s discovery, as it often happens, was not noticed. Only in 1898, the great German pharmacologist Heinrich Dreiser, who synthesized aspirin before, rediscovered this compound and noticed that it is many times stronger than the morphine itself in its anaesthetizing effect. Since that time, heroin has been used as an anesthetic and … as a cough remedy.

At the beginning of the 20th century, he replaced morphine. During the First World War and the Civil War, it was already called “soldier’s medicine.” However, soon the doctors began to realize that the addiction to heroin is much worse than the addiction to morphine (heroin dependence is much stronger than morphine).

The first country to completely ban heroin was the United States. In 1914, there came out the famous Harrison Pact, which prohibits heroin. The United States was followed by European countries and Russia.

Protecting the Teeth With Dental Crowns

Restorative dentistry keeps on developing in prevalence and even in the number of methods that it brings to the table. There are such a significant number of things that you can do these days to have those missing teeth or the stained ones settled. Fundamentally, in the event that you need to have a grin like that of a toothpaste show, you require not pressure yourself excessively. Just visit a dental specialist and you will be ready; regardless of whether you have a chipped or a well used out a tooth. There are instruments like dental crowns that are accessible to help settle those harmed teeth truly quick.

And no more essential level, a dental crown is basically a top that is set over the tooth itself. It has the shape and size of the ordinary teeth and hence the objective is basic to reestablish lost size, shape and quality of the teeth. It additionally helps incredibly with regards to enhancing the presence of the teeth. Once the crown has been set up, it encases the whole unmistakable segment of the tooth-the crown itself. On the off chance that the procedure is done legitimately by a specialist even the tooth work is totally reestablished.

Choices accessible to you

There are various dental crowns in the market that are accessible for your choice. The one that you have introduced is absolutely subject to your own advantages and your dental practitioner’s direction. The most widely recognized kinds of crowns which you have presumably run over as of now include:

1. Stainless steel

They are the supposed silver teeth. They are not really silver but rather they have that silver-dim shading. They are pre-assembled for use on the changeless teeth predominantly as a brief measure. The tooth is secured by the crown as the lasting crown is being produced using another material. This crown covers the whole tooth, keeping it from additionally rot or harm. For the most part, stainless steel crowns are utilized on kids’ teeth as they needn’t bother with a Dentist In Tampa visits to set up.

2. Metal Crowns

Various metals can be utilized as a part of crowns and they incorporate any semblance of gold composite and different compounds, for example, palladium. The metal alternatives are many. At the point when contrasted and different kinds of crowns, this is a favored choice on the grounds that less of the tooth should be expelled so as to set up that tooth. Metal crowns can withstand biting and gnawing powers well and they will undoubtedly last the longest. The main issue is their metallic shading.

3. Porcelain-melded to-metal crowns

These illuminate the shading issue of the metal crowns. They can be intended to coordinate the shade of the adjoining teeth. This makes them an incredible answer for the obvious teeth. They look totally like ordinary teeth yet on occasion the metal underneath the crown’s porcelain parcel flies up as a dull line especially at the gum line.

An Impartial Perspective on Buy Adderall Online

Buy Adderall OnlineThe Pain of Buy Adderall Online

There are a lot of things to consider before using Adderall. Men and women beg me for that, as it’s so far better than Adderall. Just remember you need to only utilize Adderall should you know what you’re going to be consuming. An individual should also keep in mind that Adderall comes in a few diverse forms. Adderall contains a mix of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Adderall is a favorite phentethlyamine and amphetamine drug that is famous for the way it can control the working of the mind. Even taking Adderall during pregnancy is advised to seek advice from a physician.

To assist in preventing withdrawal, your physician may reduce your dose slowly. To stop withdrawal reactions, your physician may decrease your dose gradually. Only your physician can ascertain if it’s safe for you or your child to carry on taking Adderall. Even after both weeks period, you need to consult a physician before using Adderall. A physician would be the ideal person to recognize the kinds of adderall which suits you the very best. Your health care provider may adjust your dose to get the dose that’s most suitable for you. The internet doctor can evaluate your symptoms and supply you with the Adderall prescription if deemed necessary.

Type of Buy Adderall Online

You may buy Adderall online here. It’s possible for you to buy Adderall online here. You might be thinking that why to get Adderall online if it’s illegal. Now it will become popular and quite easy to acquire Adderall online with no physicians’ prescriptions and when you found of your house. Continue reading to see how you can purchase Adderall online with no legal hassles. Buying Adderall online requires only two or three clicks. All you have to do now is buy Adderall online and eradicate the aforementioned diseases.

There are various reasons behind people opting for internet pharmacies in place of selecting their regional stores like CVS, Walgreens, and many more. On account of the increasing competition, there are assorted online pharmacies emerging. Frequently, you might encounter overseas online pharmacies offering Adderall at an incredibly low price.

Buy Adderall Online at a Glance

Adderall has been demonstrated to relieve ADHD throughout grownups, yet analysis is limited. Adderall belongs to a category of medications called stimulants that are utilised to treat ADHD disorder. Adderall is a drug so that you have to be quite careful whilst taking it. Adderall is a name-brand drug, and therefore, there’s a specific expectation that includes it. Adderall also be utilized in the treatment of a sleep disorder called narcolepsy. Adderall is a combination medication that is created by combining two unique salts. Generic Adderall is quite a potent drug for treating ADHD related conditions and normal medication at stipulated intervals needs to be followed to eliminate the problem.

Adderall is actually just a single name for a mixture of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Adderall is a drug that’s beneficial for students and professionals who suffer from concentration difficulties. Adderall is a revolutionary treatment that includes the mixture of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine at a better effect. As Adderall is owned by the family of drug so it has some minor in addition to major side consequences. It’s far better take very first thing that’s Adderall each day. Adderall is extremely engaging pill for drug abusers as it has a rather high capacity of misuse, please don’t share it with any other individual. Yes, it’s possible to purchase Adderall online legally from an internet drugstore in case you have the Rx for the drug.

Parasites the Enemies of Humanity & Solution


Parasites are considered most successful organisms on the face of the planet. Parasites are the organisms that derive their food, nourishment and protection from other living organisms on which they lives. The matter is that they cause injury to that host on which they live. Parasites function as a cornerstone species, reducing the dominance of superior opponents yet allowing competing species to co-exist.


The parasite can cause chronic disease in humans as well as in animals. Parasitic organisms are omnipresent, this mean that these are everywhere found around us. These parasites are present in our food and water. Parasites can cause a wide range of skin and digestive diseases, migrating to stressed or weakened areas of the human body.

The parasite may cluster together obstructing the intestines, bile ducts, lymph drainage, and capillaries of the human brain as well as other organs and causing serious problems even like memory problem, heart attacks. They may block the distribution of oxygen in your blood cell, your nourishment by robbing best particles of your food and left for you bad. They may also reduce blood circulation. The dangers are not just from the internal damages they cause to the gut; you also must consider the effects of the toxic excretion by parasites inside you.

Parasites as you come to know the reason of many infectious and fatal human diseases. Here is the brief list from where they can contact with our body:

  • From our food & water
  • From our pets like cat & dog
  • From Gym machines
  • From playground and instruments
  • From office
  • From hospitals, while visiting a patient
  • From our shoes & socks
  • From our hair
  • From our fingernails
  • From our money and other papers (contact our skin, penetrate and lay eggs)
  • From our carpeting.

Simply! Parasites are the most successful life-forms on Earth.

Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite which lives of many pets and from them come to contact with humanity. According to a study at Charles University in Prague it is proved that the Toxoplasma gondii will ultimately lodge in your brain and with the passage of time this parasite cause behavioral changes. The men infected by this parasite become more aggressive and scruffy and on the other hand women infected by this parasite appear to exhibit the ‘sex kitten’ effect and become less trustworthy. Usually children sleep with a pet on their bed, there is unquestionably parasitic activity in that child and then for that child the parasites pass on to the rest of the family.

Parasite Zapper

Summing up! The point is that you have to live with your surroundings, and you’re still here, except that you’re probably carrying something microscopic in your body that is reproducing and causing a number of diseases. Now! What is the way to get rid of them?

Here is good news for you. Undergo a good parasite cleanse every year, along with using a Parasite Zapper by ParaZapper™ and keep your immune system strong. Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper is an alternate of parasites Zapper and it should be in your mind.

Difference between Fructose, Glucose, lactose, Maltose and Sucrose

Difference between Fructose, Glucose, lactose, Maltose and Sucrose

The carbohydrates play a vital role, since they provide energy to body cells. People’s daily diet can be classified into several categories, based on the number of sugar units present in them. The m onosacáridos comprise a sugar unit while disaccharides consist of two sugar units; but there are also the polysaccharides, which are formed from the combination of several monosaccharide units.

Difference between Fructose, Glucose, lactose, Maltose and Sucrose

On this occasion, we will tell you what is the difference between different types of sugars; which are distributed among the different types of carbohydrates.


Glucose is a simple sugar, so it falls into the category of monosaccharides. Its molecular formula is: C6H12O6 , as it contains 6 carbon atoms; also falls into the hexose category.

Glucose is an aldehyde, which means that it is a compound containing a carbonyl group with at least one hydrogen atom attached to it. It is present to a greater or lesser extent in all foods containing sugars.


Fructose is also a monosaccharide, in addition, its molecular formula is the same as that of glucose: C6H12O6 ; however, it differs from this in the arrangement of atoms in their structure.

Fructose is found in fruits like apples, oranges, strawberries … and in honey. Unlike glucose, which is an aldehyde; the fructose is a ketone, which means that it is a compound containing a carbonyl group with two hydrocarbon groups attached to it.


Lactose results from the combination of glucose and galactose units. It is the main carbohydrate found in milk.

The chemical formula of lactose is: C12H22O11. It is an easily digestible source of glucose, able to provide energy to newborns. In case the body is not able to digest significant amounts of lactose, the condition is called lactose intolerance.


The high or malt sugar is made from the combination of two glucose units that are linked by a glycosidic bond.

It is not commonly found in food. However, it can be obtained by means of starch. The chemical formula of maltose is: C12H22O11. It can be found in germinating grains (such as barley) and in small proportion in corn syrup.


Also known as table sugar or common sugar, it is made from the combination of glucose and fructose units . The formula for table sugar is: C12H22O11.

It belongs to the group of disaccharides and is the most widely used substance in the world to sweeten certain foods. In conclusion, g lucose and fructose are monosaccharides, whereas lactose, maltose and sucrose are disaccharides. Two glucose units combine to form maltose. The acarose is formed by the combination of glucose and fructose. The act consists of a combination of glucose and galactose.


Ever heard of Alektorophobie?
From chickens to hair: people can actually have an unfounded, compulsive fear of all sorts of things.


Everyone is afraid
The feeling of being scared is well known to everyone. But what if fear relates to certain, banal, everyday things and just does not go away? Triskaldekaphobiker should now first hear, because now follow 13 of the rarest and craziest phobias in clinical psychology you can also read about other phobias here is well:

1. Alektorophobia
If you fall into panic and sweat attacks when seeing chickens, you may be suffering from this mental disorder. Chain stores like KFC should therefore be avoided at all costs, and many affected people can not even come near farms, eggs or feathers.

giphy (1)

2. Triskaide caphobia
This fancy name stands for the fear of Friday the 13th. Many people who suffer from this phobia refuse to leave their home on these days. They mostly do everything to avoid the number 13, whenever possible.

3. Neophobia 
The compulsive fear of new things is titled. Even in childhood, this phenomenon can be recognized at an early stage, when, for example, they resist cosquely against trying out new dishes.

4. Heliophobia
The fear of the sun is also called heliphobia in psychiatry. Whenever the people affected by this phobia come into contact with the sun, neurotic states of anxiety are the result, which is why they often leave their homes only at night.

In fact, there are even people who are very afraid of hair. Some are so afraid of them that even their own hair can cause them anxiety.
6. Gymnophobia
No, this phobia has nothing to do with gymnasiums or fitness gyms, but stands for the fear of nudity. This goes so far in part that gymnophobians can not change clothes in public dressing rooms and even keep their underpants private for showers.7. Oikophobia Have you
ever been afraid of your own laundry? Oikophobia is the fear of household objects. This is a very life-threatening phobia, for example, some of those suffering from it have big problems with taking a bath.

8. Trypophobia
Trypophobia is the fear of holes of all different sizes and shapes. According to scientists, this anxiety disorder is made up of biological dysfunctions in which the person always associates holes with danger. Although every person has this to a limited extent, in this phenomenon, it is even more pronounced and can also cause great difficulties in everyday life.

9. Phagophobia
Another severe obstruction is the phobia before swallowing. Phagophobes often also suffer from eating disorders because they almost never swallow their drinking and eating.

10. Omphalophobia
In this phobia, the person suffering from a strong fear of navel. The thought of someone touching their own navel is like listening to the scratching of white chalk on a blackboard.

giphy (5)

11. Ergophobia
This phobia may well be known to one or the other, namely, the fear of their own workplace and the working environment. Many of them do not work because they can not bear the feeling of being at work among people.

giphy (6)

12. Panophobia
A very special case are the pan-phobics, who are simply afraid of everything. They live in a constant state of anxiety and are often very paranoid. Many always have to look around in all directions because they are scared of the lurking evil behind them.13. Phobophobia
Even the fear of fear itself is a psychological phenomenon. However, anyone who has managed to get to the bottom of this list can always be on the safe side.

Refrigerators and Freezers Are Conveniences – Use With Care to Preserve Health

Home refrigerators and freezers are incredible conveniences:Everyone will need to make the most of its utilization. Be that as it may, as these machines have turned out to be relatively standard utilize things in well-off social orders, we have to take a gander at their conceivable drawback additionally, since this has generously changed our dietary patterns and way of life. We have to contemplate over utilization of these machines to guarantee that while we appreciate such accommodations we don’t hurt or mischief our well being by its utilization. Give us a chance to take a gander at some of these dangers one by one.

fridges and freezers

Danger of mishaps: Risks of mischances are uncommon however they do happen. The cases of such dangers are, unplanned tipping the refrigerator by youthful kids and squashing them when they attempt and hold tight to its deal with. Incidental catching of little youngsters in the relinquished refrigerator is likewise known to happen while playing. Incidental danger of flame because of electrical mischance is likewise known. These are on the whole avoidable by playing it safe.

Ecological risks:These machines utilize chemicals like hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) or hydro-fluorocarbons (HFC) as coolant. These reason natural risk by consumption of ozone layer. These chemicals may likewise saturate drinking water if not dumped legitimately.

Here and now well being risks: Only until around a hundred years back or even less, our predecessors were utilized to cook the sustenance new ordinary and expend it immediately that day. Keeping cooked sustenance for over a day or two was viewed as unfortunate. Remaining nourishment at room temperature will develop sustenance borne microbes and organism, will go foul and will move toward becoming well being risk. Bacterial development may likewise gather poisons and make the purchaser have intestinal and foundation issues. Listeria microscopic organisms are known to stay alive in sustenance at refrigerator temperature of 40 degree F (4 degree C), causing acid reflex and intestinal issues, especially in pregnant ladies, debilitated patients, kids and old individuals with weaker insusceptible framework.

fridges and freezers

Long haul well being dangers because of loss of nutrition:Until a couple of decades prior the occasional vegetables were privately developed and were accessible to individuals. With correspondence insurgency and separations getting to be plainly littler, nowadays the vegetables and per-cooked nourishment originate from a far distance. Infrequently such nourishment travel a couple of thousand miles by deliver or via air, profound solidified for a considerable length of time or months and sent to different nations. It is an awesome gift that entire world can appreciate leafy foods whenever amid the year and not really just amid its season. Yet, such profound solidified nourishment lose their sustenance esteem because of loss of micro nutrients and vitamins being wrecked, caused by slip by of time and utilization of additives. From time to time we catch wind of proposal of supplements of vitamins and minerals, which for the most part is aftereffect of such prolonged stretch of time between the generation and utilize.

Change of Life style: The refrigerators and freezers have changed the way we live. Coolers have added to the comfort of doing staple in mass each couple of days and keeping it solidified at home. Our predecessors used to eat new in light of the fact that there were no ice chests at that point and thus no remaining nourishment. I recall my dad’s age would eat their nourishment quickly after it was cooked. Actually the home producer ladies will hold up to cook Chapatti until the bread worker men will get back home from work and bolster them with newly cooked dinners. Indeed, even one day’s stale sustenance was typically not utilized. Presently we eat sustenance from ice chest cooked even seven days old and expend continuously finished a couple of days. This has particular danger of bacterial development and loss of nutritive substances.

fridges and freezers

Precooked prepared to eat food:In Western world, where the home producer is additionally working and there isn’t sufficient home help to cook new consistently, stale sustenance is warmed and offered as a schedule. Readymade sustenance from markets are cooked now and again in some extraordinary nation, profound solidified, set apart as “crisp earlier” such and such date and we get them constantly. We put in it our refrigerator at home and expend it inside the given time on the name. Such sustenance must be put away at zero degree F (- 18 C) or lower.

Here are some basic suggestions:

· Eat crisp and crude nourishment ONLY, if conceivable.

· Clean ice chest now and again.

· Keep thermometers in ice chest and coolers to screen temperatures.

· Eat the sustenance left in refrigerator at the earliest opportunity and dispose of if all else fails.

· Keep the sustenance in refrigerator secured and keep space between nourishments.

· Heat sustenance to more than 71 degree C when utilizing nourishment from refrigerator to guarantee microorganisms are slaughtered.

Keep in mind what Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) said; “Let Food be thy medication and prescription be thy nourishment”.


Many Infectious & Fatal Diseases Caused By Parasites

Hulda Clark ParaZapper

Parasites are the most successful living organisms on the face of globe. These range from unicellular micro-organisms to larger organisms such as helminth worms, and they live on the host’s body robbing their food and nutrients for the parasites survival.

The rate of parasitic diseases in Asian countries like Pakistan and India is very high. These infectious diseases kill millions of people every year in these poor countries. Many human diseases are caused by toxins compromising the immune system of particular body organ and then these parasites get advantage of weak immune system to establish itself in that organ. When toxin or any harmful substance entered in human body, the immune system becomes active to remove or kill the invader.

For example, according to some sources, A.I.D.S acquired immune deficiency syndrome is originate by accumulation of toxin benzene in human thymus gland, and then it’s allow the same parasite which assist in causing cancer and also result in damage of other organs. Diabetes is also an example. This disease is caused when the immunity of pancreas being compromise with the toxin alcohol, other toxins, or overworked controlling excess blood sugar. And this allows a parasite Eurytrema pancreaticum, or pancreatic fluke of cattle, which establish there and badly disrupt the pancreas ability to produce insulin.

Like above examples there are many other parasites that take advantage of lower immune system function to cause many other infectious and fatal diseases. A parasite Ascaris causes asthma, psoriasis, seizures, eczema, epilepsy, and soft teeth. Fluke parasite is that which cause Muscular Dystrophy. The parasite Gastrothylax is responsible to cause Down’s syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, and a kidney disease Polycystic. Research shows that many neurological diseases are caused by the parasite Echinostoma revolutum.

So there are few numbers of diseases which caused by combination of toxins compromising human immune system but after that the parasites taking advantage of that result in many infectious diseases which even deprive infected person from life.

The other major diseases cause by these parasites includes;

  • Diarrhea
  • Cholera
  • Dysentery
  • Digestive system and digestive tract problems
  • Cough
  • Skin diseases like itches and bowels
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Sleeping problem
  • Skin conditions
  • Aches/pains
  • Allergies
  • Immune problem
  • Chronic fatigue and many others

When symptoms are noticed in the human body then often antibiotics are given to the infected individuals to assist the immune system so that it can kill the parasites and remove the symptoms. Modern researches show that these micro-organisms (parasites) have the capacity to fight against antibiotics and many other diseases by building a layer around them which is called protein coat. Researches also show that many antibiotics just removes the symptoms for a short period and with the passage of time symptoms appears again.

Now what is the most appropriate solutions to kill these germs (Pathogens) from human body as they even can resist the antibiotics. The best choice and alternative solution may be LVPEF devices such as Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper. Also known as Parasite Zapper and uses mild electrical pulses to kill all kind of germs (pathogens) like parasites, viruses, fungus, protozoa and other microbes from water based environment and may have tremendous potential for improving health. Additional research is needed to determine just what levels of effectiveness can be achieved.