How to choose your Cat Ear Headphones to play sports?


Regular or amateur sportsman, the positive impact of the music on the sporting practice is an obvious fact: motivating, energizing and simply distracting, the listening of music also allows to concentrate on his sport practice, to rhythm pleasantly his session of sport or ignore external noises, sometimes disturbing.

Should we invest in a  specific earphone for sports  ? What are the real criteria to remember when buying sports Cat Ear Headphones  ? Adibla  presents all the criteria to consider for the purchase of a  comfortable and powerful sports earpiece .

Do we really need specific Cat Ear Headphones for the sport?

If you ask yourself this question, you probably have not done a running or cardio session with ordinary Cat Ear Headphones! Indeed, it is not uncommon that after just a few strides, a headset is already trunk while your phone yet tidy in your pocket smashes the ground after being dropped by the earphone cable. And any seasoned sportsman will tell you: sports music is a  must,  but so is the use of  specialized sport earphones !

If the need for specialized Cat Ear Headphones for  sport is  necessary, it is simply because a  sports helmet  is intended for a different use than that of an ordinary helmet. Different features are needed because they are absent in usual Cat Ear Headphones.

The criteria for choosing sports Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

Bluetooth functionality

Even though there are  sports Cat Ear Headphones with wire ,  Bluetooth sport Cat Ear Headphones  are still the most practical. The Bluetooth feature   in  sports Cat Ear Headphones  will allow you to manage music and calls without having to touch your phone. Practice, the absence of cord allows you to be more free in your movements that it is for a session of running, of cardio or even of boxing! for more feature Cat Ear Headphones visit here .

Obviously, such a  headset  would only be useful if your audio source (smartphone or player) manages  Bluetooth wireless technology.

What type of Cat Ear Headphones for sports?

Depending on your comfort and your sport, the shape of your  earpiece  can be an important factor. Maintenance, comfort and safety are therefore the most important criteria for choosing your  sports Cat Ear Headphones .

Cat Ear Headphones or In-Ear Cat Ear Headphones

Since maintenance is one of the main criteria for the purchase of sports Cat Ear Headphones , most  sports Cat Ear Headphones  are in -ear type  .  With padded ear cups on or in the head of the ear, these ear-canal phones are often sold with foam tips or fins to provide you with perfect stabilization during your workout.

Their lightness will allow you to twirl quietly in music while practicing your sport without having warm ears or having to readjust your helmet at every jolt or change of pace.

Open or closed design

If you are a fan of running, it is essential to opt for an open design headset model   to let the outside sound, essential for running outdoors safely.

For indoor sports,  Cat Ear Headphones with closed design  are to be considered in order to offer real sound insulation of the noise surrounding the room, often noisy.

For more information on  specialized sport Cat Ear Headphones for running , please read our dedicated article on this subject!

Sweat resistant

The man who whispered in the ear of sportsmen knew it before you: the ears also sweat during the sport! And that’s why  Cat Ear Headphones  used for physical practice must be resistant to sweat. Indeed, your   ordinary Cat Ear Headphones may be quickly damaged by contact with the minerals in your ear perspiration.

So invest in  sports Cat Ear Headphones  with good resistance to water and sweat: in addition to offering good audio performance, you can also run in the rain safely with them.

If you are looking for Cat Ear Headphones  able to follow you in immersion under water, know that waterproof Cat Ear Headphones also exist, more expensive of course.

Other features

The features mentioned above are the most important to take into account, but many others also offer other features to accompany their  sports Bluetooth headset , such as a specialized application to manage music and calls, a heart rate sensor etc. The presence of a microphone and a remote control on the  bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones  is also convenient in order to answer phone calls without having to touch his phone.