Business coaching: indispensable tool or waste of time?

Every good employer knows that the constant training of their employees is a must today. Business coaching is the most popular tool in the corporate sphere since 2017 and has no intention of disappearing in the near future.

With this article we seek to simplify the basic concepts of business coaching for your better understanding and for any employer to be able to apply this great tool in your company.

What does business coaching mean?

The word coaching is an Anglicism that comes from the verb coach, which means to train. In the business and personal environment, it is known as an interactive and transparent process through which the coach or coach and the person or group involved in the process seek the most effective way to achieve the objectives set using their own resources and skills.

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What are the types of coaching?

There are lots of methods and types of coaching. Their techniques can include: motivational talks, seminars, Team workshops, group activities, supervised practices and even business retreats.

What are the objectives of business coaching?

  • Facilitate the approach among workers and the exchange of their knowledge, skills and experiences.
  • Improve the quality of work.
  • Make the most of the opportunities that arise at work.
  • Encourage an environment of continuous training, support and responsibility.
  • Facilitate the transfer of learning to everyday situations that arise at work.

How to achieve these objectives?

During the coaching process, two people interact: one is the coach or coach, the person who instructs, forms or guides the person who is being oriented to improve in the performance of their duties; the other is the coach or person in training, who receives the knowledge and skills he needs to improve his professional life. The coach is committed to their training in a partnership, establishing specific objectives and designing an action plan that allows them to reach them within the established deadlines. This plan will set a series of meetings between the interveners to achieve the intended purpose, accompanied by another set of activities aimed at improving specific aspects of the person in training.

Now that we have a little clearer to what all blogs specializing in employment in their articles on business coaching, we must analyze if it really is the best tool for our company or if the best option is still to send our employees to another type of activities such as courses or conventions. The important thing is to measure which of these tools will bring the results that every company wants: proactive employees and eager to succeed.