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Namecheap, headquartered in Los Angeles, has been on the scene of domain registration and web hosting since 2000. Founded by Richard Kirkendall, has recently earned recognition as a strong supporter of net neutrality and GoDaddy’s criticism opposes the US Online Stop Law Privacy Act (SOPA). At the same time, Namecheap had to counter the critics who accused it of tolerating an excessive amount of spam on their servers. So, what is the truth about this important player in the hosting game? The results may not be as expected … See also: The Best Web Hosting Best 5 for Your Online Business

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Namecheap offers different shared hosting plans for different needs. As its main rival, Namecheap offers its initial “Value” promotion ($ 9.88 for the first year, $ 38.88 after the first year), which is aimed primarily at blogger and hostgator coupon code casual fans. You get 20GB of storage protected by RAID, unlimited bandwidth and up to three (3) websites. Other features include: Higher security standards with the latest cPanel control panel Dell Server technology as standard, with CloudLinux to enhance security and isolation (for example, limitations and CPU RAM usage) if necessary installation immediate WordPress software.

At the time of writing, the Live Helpline is not available. Therefore, you need to follow chat support, internal community forums and independent web hosting forums where namecheap staff members are present.Your 14 day money back guarantee will not reach your competitors offering at least 30 days, if not more. Should this be a big obstacle? Certainly not for your first year of shared hosting. However, beginners are encouraged to contact Namecheap employees regularly to see if they want to continue working in the long term.

numcheap coupon code

The professional plan ($ 19.88 for the first year, $ 78.88 after the first year) is very suitable for Internet marketers who want to test the waters before engaging more for your business.
In addition to the shared hosting options, we invite you to learn more about the advanced options of Namecheap (end shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private server hosting (VPS), dedicated servers, private e-mail hosting) . ,
Key features of NamEcheap Most of NamEcheap’s standard (shared) hosting features are similar to those of the competition. However, a few things to mention are the one-click Softalicious installer that lets you configure more than a hundred apps in your account.
Standard daily backups (twice for business plans) that go beyond what you do yourself or with CodeGuard via cPanel. Integration with Google Apps and CloudFlare (business plan). For those who are not familiar with it, CloudFlare provides a content distribution network (CDN) and distributed Domain Name Server (DNS) services, which are located between the visitor and the CloudFlare user hosting provider and act as reverse proxy for websites.

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Namecheap is committed to using Kayako’s proven third-party support system to meet the urgent demands of its customers. While there is no guarantee against the inevitable events in real time, this move will help the company hostgator coupon 2018 to keep the waiting time low, the priority requirements for timely follow-up and response times in order to better avoid bottlenecks.

Registration of the domain name is your main activity. Therefore, it is not surprising that Namecheap provides a clean interface to manage your domain names. SSC and xCache opcode cache certificates are among the key business options for people who want to use this route.