Ever heard of Alektorophobie?
From chickens to hair: people can actually have an unfounded, compulsive fear of all sorts of things.


Everyone is afraid
The feeling of being scared is well known to everyone. But what if fear relates to certain, banal, everyday things and just does not go away? Triskaldekaphobiker should now first hear, because now follow 13 of the rarest and craziest phobias in clinical psychology you can also read about other phobias here is well:

1. Alektorophobia
If you fall into panic and sweat attacks when seeing chickens, you may be suffering from this mental disorder. Chain stores like KFC should therefore be avoided at all costs, and many affected people can not even come near farms, eggs or feathers.

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2. Triskaide caphobia
This fancy name stands for the fear of Friday the 13th. Many people who suffer from this phobia refuse to leave their home on these days. They mostly do everything to avoid the number 13, whenever possible.

3. Neophobia 
The compulsive fear of new things is titled. Even in childhood, this phenomenon can be recognized at an early stage, when, for example, they resist cosquely against trying out new dishes.

4. Heliophobia
The fear of the sun is also called heliphobia in psychiatry. Whenever the people affected by this phobia come into contact with the sun, neurotic states of anxiety are the result, which is why they often leave their homes only at night.

In fact, there are even people who are very afraid of hair. Some are so afraid of them that even their own hair can cause them anxiety.
6. Gymnophobia
No, this phobia has nothing to do with gymnasiums or fitness gyms, but stands for the fear of nudity. This goes so far in part that gymnophobians can not change clothes in public dressing rooms and even keep their underpants private for showers.7. Oikophobia Have you
ever been afraid of your own laundry? Oikophobia is the fear of household objects. This is a very life-threatening phobia, for example, some of those suffering from it have big problems with taking a bath.

8. Trypophobia
Trypophobia is the fear of holes of all different sizes and shapes. According to scientists, this anxiety disorder is made up of biological dysfunctions in which the person always associates holes with danger. Although every person has this to a limited extent, in this phenomenon, it is even more pronounced and can also cause great difficulties in everyday life.

9. Phagophobia
Another severe obstruction is the phobia before swallowing. Phagophobes often also suffer from eating disorders because they almost never swallow their drinking and eating.

10. Omphalophobia
In this phobia, the person suffering from a strong fear of navel. The thought of someone touching their own navel is like listening to the scratching of white chalk on a blackboard.

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11. Ergophobia
This phobia may well be known to one or the other, namely, the fear of their own workplace and the working environment. Many of them do not work because they can not bear the feeling of being at work among people.

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12. Panophobia
A very special case are the pan-phobics, who are simply afraid of everything. They live in a constant state of anxiety and are often very paranoid. Many always have to look around in all directions because they are scared of the lurking evil behind them.13. Phobophobia
Even the fear of fear itself is a psychological phenomenon. However, anyone who has managed to get to the bottom of this list can always be on the safe side.